A Video Introduction to Walter's Watercolor Classes

Produced by Dave Fessenden


 On Teaching Watercolor painting 

If there is such a thing as a pre-ordained teacher, I might be in the running.  That role would not have been a common prediction for me, my family or those who knew me as an exceptionally shy teenager.  There is no more scary a proposition for me than to speak in public.  In order to accept these personal inadequacies I imagined the worse situation, being in front of an audience teaching and compelled myself to enter into it. 

Early on and almost by chance, I adopted the attitude that has helped immensely.  I knew I did not know everything, even things essential for any one subject. But, by adopting the role of “learning facilitator” and “simultaneous learner”, I could take some of the pressure off myself and adjust expectations of me for not being the “expert.” It allowed me to freshly share the passion and emotion of discovery.  I have found no reason to change.  I remember that if any student discovers it for the first time, it is then and again absolutely NEW.  I also do not change my delivery for any adult in my presence from 14 to 84 years; they are all treated with respect and equal dignity and grasped what I had to deliver in relation to their own capacity. 

I found sharing openly the passion and joy I was experiencing when designing and more recently watercolor painting was liberating for others I was attempting to teach.  I reached to be an enabler, to create a self starting and self correcting self supporting designer and or now painter.  

Never fully comfortable with a lecture format, and thinking it was not anyway the best means to deliver information, I was always prone to demonstration, workshop and orchestrated/ guided conversation.  That has been a direct translation into my teaching of watercolor.  

My style is then an active step by step guided exploration of techniques that have worked for me.  I have learned long ago that if I was not learning I could not continue to do it.  So teaching watercolor is an inspirational boost to make me pay attention to the basics.  I do know but which are so very easy to let slip if you are not fully enough attentive. Teaching watercolor is not a drain for my work as an artist, it is through my adopted method a source of inspiration. 

Walter and MacalisterTouchstone Concepts of Teaching Watercolors

Some of the touchstones of teaching watercolor have resulted from many years of teaching design and in more recent year’s watercolor:  

  • think it through and be prepared
  • engender a “can do attitude”  
  • use the precious commodity of others time efficiently 
  • break down tasks into small digestible components
  • instruction through in action
  • demand full involvement of student 
  • work logically and in an orderly fashion
  • spend time on details early 

Teaching and Demonstrations 

Walter Cudnohufsky has enjoyed many opportunities to share his watercolor techniques through regular teaching in Ashfield, MA and informal demonstrations:

A sampling:

  • Snow Farm Arts School Williamsburg, MA  
  • Easthampton, MA Art Appreciation league
  • Tower Hill Boylston, MA 
  • Berkshire Botanical Garden - Stockbridge, MA 
  • Lenox Garden Club, Lenox, MA 
  •  The Lenox Gallery of Fine Art, Lenox, MA 
  • Berkshire Botanical Garden, Stockbridge, MA 
  • Intensive Watercolor Workshops, Beldingville Library, Ashfield, MA  twice monthly 
  • Ashfield Farmers Market, MA 
  • Deerfield Valley Artists Association, Deerfield, MA 
  • Artist lecture series, Ashfield, MA 
  • Historic Deerfield, Deerfield, MA
  • Lunt Silversmiths, Greenfield, MA 
  • Sharon Arts Center, Sharon, NH 
  • Up Country, Greenfield MA 
  • Moose Hill Audubon Center, Sharon MA 
  • Woodstock Artisans Festival, Woodstock VT 
  • Penland School of Crafts, Penland, NC (1996)
  • The Art Loft, Erving MA (1995)
  • Potumpuck Valley Memorial Association
  • Elmers Store – Ashfield, MA 
  • Sharon Arts Peterbrough, NH  paint-out weeks